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This Forum called Japan Indonesia Economic Forum (JIEF) is established on April 16, 2003, to promote more Indonesia to especially Japanese society. For the first activity we would like to celebrate the establishment of this forum by making the Seminar – particularly on the economic development of the Republic of Indonesia, on October 2003, fully supported by Indonesian Embassy in Japan, Ministry of Trade and Industry of Japan, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
This opportunity hopefully could gain a symphaty and could become as a pivotal moment to increase more awareness to both Indonesian and Japanese people to work together hand in hand and heart to heart toward the bright future of us.

Forum ini bernama Forum Ekonomi Jepang-Indonesia, didirikan tanggal 16 April 2003, untuk mempromosikan segala sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan Indonesia di masyarakat Jepang. Sebagai aktivitas pertama dan sebagai tanda dimulainya forum ini, kami menyelenggarakan seminar ekonomi pada bulan Oktober 2003, bekerjasama dengan Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia di Jepang. Didukung pula oleh Kementerian Perdagangan dan Industri Jepang (METI) serta Kementerian Luar Negeri Jepang (MOFA).
Kesempatan ini diharapkan dapat menarik perhatian serta simpati rakyat Jepang dan bisa meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat bersama dalam upaya lebih mempererat persahabatan antara rakyat Indonesia dan rakyat Jepang di masa mendatang.

「日本インドネシア経済フォーラム」という名前です。 2003年4月16日、東京で設立しました。 当フォーラムは、様々な活動を通して、日本とインドネシアの友好関係の強化を目的に設立されました。経済と金融分野を中心に様々な方面からのアプローチをしております。従い、当フォーラムは、日本とインドネシアを専門に設立された最初の経済フォーラムになります。 日本に住んでいる方でしたらどなたでもメンバーになれます。特に、日本とインドネシアを愛し、両国間の友好関係を更に良くしたいと願っている方、又、経済若しくは金融方面でご活躍している方たちに是非ともフォーラムに参加して頂きたいです。

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the officially name of this Forum?

Japan Indonesia Economic Forum (JIEF)

2. Where and when is the establishment?

Tokyo, April 16, 2003

3. Whose idea and who are involved on this establishment?

The original idea is come from Indonesian Ambassador to Japan, HE. Moh. Abdul Irsan. Implementation of the establishment of the Forum was done by Richard Susilo, Leila Djawas .

4. Why we should establish this Forum?

To gain more understanding, friendship and cooperation between Japanese people and Indonesian, particularly on the economic and financial sector. This is the first economic forum established in Japan with strong and specific relations with three items: Japan, Indonesia and economy/financial.

5. Who could become a member of this Forum?

All persons who domicile or live in Japan, without limitation anything, especially which has relations with economy/financial, and business sector, including analysts who have an interest to develop mutual benefit relations between Japan and Indonesia.

6. What is the different between this Forum and another established Forum?

This Forum is the first on this specific economic/financial area for Japan and Indonesia with the flexible characteristic, unstructured. Means, only team will run this Forum and later on there will be no Coordinator and no other position, except Honorary Chairman and Members only. On the activities, a Team will deliver an idea and will be considered together, and if feasible, also approved by the Team, then the person who has launched the idea will become a person who will responsible to the Forum and the future specific project. All members will hand in hand, working together to the success of the future project initiated by the Forum.

7. If I live outside Japan, could I become a member of this Forum?


8. How about if now I live in Japan, became a member and next year, for example, I have to return to Indonesia?

Your membership automatically will be deleted. But we will continuously send information about this forum to you, for example, through email.

9. How to become a member and should I pay for it?

Just fill in the application from herein and there will be no charge (free) to become a member.

10. How to collect some funds to run this Forum?

From sponsors, all persons or organizations who sympathize on this Forum, donators, etc.etc.

Our Events

1. JIEF 8th Meeting at Kisha Club, August 1, 2006 (18.00-20.00), Tokyo

2. JIEF 7th Economic Seminar at Hilton Hotel, NusaDua, Bali, Indonesia, 7 July 2006

3. Tokyo, July 13, 2005 (Wednesday), Press Conference: ARISAN ! The Best Indonesia Movie 2004 – with The Actor/Actress

4. Tokyo, June 10, 2005 (Friday), Indonesian Batik Seminar

5. Tokyo, February 25, 2005 (Friday), “Long Living” Stay in Bali, Indonesia

6. Tokyo, April 15, 2004, Batik Speech by Mr. Iwan Tirta, the most outstanding Batik personality from Indonesia

7. First JIEF (Japan Indonesia Economic Forum) Member’s Meeting (ONLY for members of JIEF),
Thursday, 29 January 2004, 18.00-20.00

8. Tokyo, December 12, 2003 (13.00-14.00), A small economic (meeting) gathering “Friends of Indonesia” with an executives coming from Indonesia

9. The First Japan-Indonesia Economic Seminar in Hotel Okura Tokyo, October 8, 2003